360° Photography More about 360s

Web Space and Bandwidth
The concern of how much space 360s take up on your server and how much bandwidth they use when they are viewed isn't without foundation. It is true that the all 360 degree rotating images are larger than one single image, this is because they use anything up to120 single images in one set. It is also true that they use more of your bandwidth when they are viewed although the larger zoomed in imaged are only downloaded as required, this means the images load quickly. We have an answer to both these question, if size and bandwidth uses are an issue on your server we can host them for you for a small monthly fee so you don't have to worry about it, they are then simply added to your website using iframes or a Wordpress plug-in that we can provide.. If you would like more information on the above please Contact Us

Our 360s will work on Mobile Devices
360° photography is designed to work on all platforms, Android & iOS. How? we create our 360s in HTML5 so they work on all platforms this can't be said for all 360's. Flash can be delivered if required but you will find HTML is the best option and will work on all platforms. Animated Gifs versions can also be supplied for use with emails and newsletters etc.

360° photography can be expensive from some companies but our philosophy at Taking Pictures has always been to offer our clients high quality services at realistic prices. Prices depend on how many products are to be photographed at anyone time and if hotspots are required. One point to bare in mind when considering the cost is that when using conventional photography to show your products this often entails showing several views on the product as well as detailed pictures so the cost of 4 or 5 images could be between £40 & £80 which is much greater than our 360° images

We are more than happy to provide a no obligation quotation based on your requirements and to produce a test 360 for you to evaluate, so please get in touch with us Contact Us .

What else can we offer with our 360's?

You can zoom in on all our 360° rotating images showing details that would normally require additional photographs.

Hotspots are places where you can show other media such as photographs or videos or they can link to other webpage's, websites or social media. Hotspots can also be just text to draw the viewers attention to something. They can be coloured dots or symbols like arrows or logos.

Logos may be added to the player in almost any position.

The most commonly used background colours are white & black but there is no reason why any colour can't be used. Perspex works well as a background for your products, giving them an extra dimension with a slight reflection.

Other Options
There are many option related to how the your images look and work on your website. The image can rotate automatically once or many times when it first opens. The zoom and the amount of zoom can be enable, disabled or limited. Full screen viewing can also be enable or disabled and if your product have colour options the viewer can choose to see the different options.

Try out 360s
If you would like to see how your products would look as 360° images let us produce one for you to evaluate. Contact Us

Our free consultations give you the chance to discuss your ideas with us and helps us to find the best solutions for your projects, so TALK TO US today to find out more about our surprisingly affordable prices.