Time-Lapse Photography More about time-lapses

Power Solutions
For long term time-lapses one problem is always power. If there is no power available we use either car batteries or solar power so there is never a location that we cannot use to create a time-lapse.

Multi Camera Time-Lapses
We are able to produce multi Camera time-lapses if required, either to provide different views of a site or moving cameras throughout a project when construction or other obstacles obstruct the view from certain angles.

The cost of Time-Lapse photography is based on the location and the duration of the filming. Taking Pictures has always tried to offer our clients affordable services at realistic prices so our prices for time-lapse photography also reflect this and we will work with you to achieve your goals within your budget. There is normally a set up fee and then a fixed rate per day, week or month, the number of views (cameras) required, the number of site visits required and the time required for post production and creating the final video. Logos, titles and music can also be added if required.

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